Book review: Outwitting the devil

After 4 months, I just finished reading the book Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill.

Hill wrote this book in the 1930s, but for some reason, it was not published until 2000s.

In this book Hill writes about his journey of drifting through life. Times where he went into poverty, and times of fear. Then he talks about how he found his other self and got back on track.

Perhaps the most important part of the book is the interview with the Devil.

In this part of the book, which spans across several chapters, Hill interviews the Devil and forces him to answer his questions.

There are some very interesting insights in this interview and the Devil describes precisely how he controls about 98% of people.

According to the devil, people fall into two groups: the drifters and the non drifters. Non drifters have a definite purpose in their life which is backed by a definite plan. Drifters on the other hand, don’t have a plan or purpose in their life. The habit of drifting, or not drifting, when repeated over time, reaches the proportion of rhythm. This is when nature takes it over and makes the habit permanent.

This is what the Devil calls hypnotic rhythm. It’s a nature’s law, which picks up a habit and makes it permanent. Then the habit becomes too difficult to break.

According to the Devil, most of people who succeed in breaking out of hypnotic rhythm, do so, only when they face a failure in their life, and are forced to change their thought habits.

Every temporary failure in life brings with it, the seed of an equivalent advantage.

So, there are 3 important factors, contributing to the success or failure of people:

  • Habit of drifting or not drifting, by having a definite purpose in life backed by a definite plan, or the lack of them
  • Hypnotic rhythm
  • Time

At the end, I really enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend it.

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